​​​​​​Structural Integration

Crystal Oostema provides structural integration based on the Rolf method. She is also a practicing Yoga Teacher, Doula, and is trained in Massage and Bodywork. She received her education at the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration in Boulder, Colorado and Florianapolis, Brazil, Yoga Works in Los Angeles , through Big Belly Services based in Seattle, Washington, and the Chicago School of Massage Therapy in Chicago, Illinois. Crystal has been in the alternative healthcare field since 1999, and happily considers helping other people find balance in their bodies and lives her life’s work. Her passion lies with helping people “wake up” sleeping parts of the body and more than anything, connecting the body, mind and spirit.

Enamored with pregnancy & childbirth, Crystal is a Certified Doula and offers consultations and education in Natural pregnancy & childbirth, as well as prenatal structural bodywork to improve balance and offer pain relief.

The purpose of structural integration is to allow the body to be fluid, light, balanced, free of chronic pain and stiffness, and at ease with itself in the gravitational field. In essence, structural integration seeks recovery of the graceful and unrestricted movement we enjoyed in youth – before years of chronic stress, injuries, poor posture or inactivity created patterns of restriction and compensation in our bodies. Structural integration can impact the whole person, physically, emotionally, and energetically.

The Rolf method of structural integration is the original system of body work developed by Dr. Ida P. Rolf. It is also known as Structural Integration. The Rolf method has an unequaled and unprecedented ability to dramatically alter a person’s posture and structure. By accessing connective tissue, Structural integration practitioners are able to better organize one’s body to rest in gravity, rather than resist it. Professional athletes, dancers, children, business people and people from all walks of life have benefited from the structural integration. People seek structural integration as a way to ease pain and chronic stress, and improve performance in their professional and daily activities.

Crystal now offers a free 30 minute consultation. Please follow the link below to book an appointment with Crystal and experience first hand her unique skill set.

Crystal approaches bodywork with the understanding she, as therapist, must be working on a level in which the client is available to receive the work. Under these circumstances, clients find they are able to enjoy intense sessions without needing time to “recover.” Due to her experience as a bodyworker, her yoga classes inevitably are very body centered. Students say that in her classes they are able to find a new level to the asana every time they practice. Classes with Crystal are methodical and relaxing. Her teaching style is gentle and concise. Crystal’s clients often remark at her gentle way of teaching them about their own bodies and guiding them into body awareness. She is known for clear and concise movement education, transformative structural integration through the Rolf Method, as well as unparalleled prenatal care.

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